1. Do I need a doctor’s order?
    No. Washington State law does not require a doctor’s order for P.T. However, Medicare, state industrial insurance (L&I), and many insurances do require an order from a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner. If you are unsure about your insurance, call us and we can check if it requires a doctor’s order or authorization.
  2. How do I choose where I go for PT?
    You should base your decision on the therapist’s knowledge, experience, and reputation.  We recommend you visit the clinic to see if you are comfortable with the therapist and style.
  3.  What if my physician owns a therapy office and requests I go there?
    It is your choice where you wish to go. Washington State law (RCW 19.68.010) requires that doctors who own their own P.T. clinic MUST supply you with a written list of alternate physical therapy sites and give you a choice where you wish to go for P.T. Once more, we suggest you check for the most convenient location to you and the lowest cost. Please call us if you have a question or problem getting a P.T. order for our clinic from your doctor. Remember: YOU choose who your therapist is. It’s your right. We respect your choice and so must your physician.
  4. Can physical therapy help my problem?
    That is unknown until we perform a careful evaluation. We see a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological problems; see our treatment page for a partial list. We apply direct hands-on care, if needed, as well as provide education about your problem and a home program with a focus on self-care/ prevention. 
  5. Do you treat sports injuries?
    Yes. Frequently we have treated a variety of athletic injuries, ranging from simple ankle sprains to ACL tears or shoulder throwing problems. Our PTs volunteer at different Ridgefield School sports events. We aim for a quick and safe return to sport.
  6. Do I have to wait to get a P.T. appointment?
    We do our best to get patients in quickly to minimize time off from sports and work as well as decrease pain.
  7. Do we use group classes?
    No. Everyone is seen one-on-one in our gym or in a private booth.
  8. What will it cost?
    This can vary widely between different P.T. clinics, so we suggest you check prices. The cost may vary with the length of the treatment sessions and the duration you will need to see a P.T.
  9. Will you bill my insurance?
    Yes. We accept nearly all insurances and are a preferred provider for many insurances. You may see a partial list of the major insurances we accept by clicking on our “Insurance” tab. If you like, we can check your insurance for you, but also recommend you personally contact your insurance.
  10. Do you take Kaiser insurance?
    Although we have a contract through Kaiser Permanente, generally most Kaiser insurances require you to see a Kaiser P.T. However, if you have a claim through Worker’s Comp or have 3rd party liability, such as from a car accident, you are free to choose to see providers outside the Kaiser system. We regularly work with some Kaiser Industrial Medicine doctors.
  11. What if I don’t have insurance?
    We can help.  please call for our cash pay rates. We accept cash, checks, and VISA or MasterCard. 
  12. What should I bring to the first appointment?
    In addition to your insurance card and photo ID, if you have a written doctor’s order, bring this along. Also, although we have gowns, many patients prefer to wear their own shorts for leg problems or a sleeveless top for arm problems.
  13. How long are the P.T. treatments?
    Typically plan an hour for the initial evaluation and usually 45 minutes for follow-up visits.
  14. Will I be treated by an aide?
    No. All treatments are provided by licensed staff who take many hours of continuing education each year to keep up to date.
  15. Do you coordinate with my doctor?
    Yes. A copy of your evaluation is routinely sent to the referring physician as well as regular notes on your progress. We welcome input from your doctor as well. The following list includes several physicians’ groups who frequently refer patients to our clinics:
    Ridgefield Family Medicine
    Rebound Orthopedics
    Rebound Neurosurgical
    PeaceHealth Southwest
    Legacy Health System
    Vancouver Clinic
  16. Why should I select Ridgefield Physical Therapy?
    We have highly trained clinicians and staff who sincerely care about you and your problem.  Our treatment plans are tailored to your specific injury or condition.  We are conveniently located just west of I-5 on exit 14, offer competitive pricing, and accept most insurance plans.

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